When it Seems God is Far Away

Have you ever come to a point where you think God has abandoned you or He probably just doesn’t care about you again? Maybe things have been so bad and you can’t but imagine where God is.

You feel confused, alone and tired.

At such times, you should take a trip down memory lane and reflect on all the instances where His love, commitment and deliverance had been so real to you. Think upon those times when God’s mighty hand was evidently manifest for you.

That will help you find strength, courage and faith to pull through. It will inspire fresh hope in God’s ability and commitment towards you.

And more often than not, God shows up not long after.

God himself often reminded the Israelites how He brought them out of Egypt and did many wondrous things amongst them.

I often wondered why He did that.

Then, I realized it was to help them renew their faith in the God of all ability. It was to help them overcome the lying whispers of the enemy discouraging them from Yahweh.

Although, they hardly ever realized that, He’d remind them again and again, leaving us an example to take a cue from.

So, when it seems as if God is far away, take a trip back; draw strength, faith and hope from what He had done aforetime and see how your doubts fritter away.

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pp (7) new About the AuthorOgaga Eruteya is a Nigerian Christian minister, writer and speaker. He writes on Faith, Personal Development, Youth Development, and Life Realities. With his words, he seeks to inspire, motivate, propagate life’s truths and represent a sincere Christian voice. Learn more about Ogaga here.

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