Going to Golgotha

The twisted thorns
were on his head;
Pints of red blood
were oozing out.

You could hear him groan
as the whips’ thongs
coiled and lacerated
his frail, suffering body

He’d falter and fall
and kneel and rise again
as He dragged the wooden cross;
laden with the people’s sins

But they jeered on,
wagged their heads
and spat and cursed
as the heavens heard his wails
incited by the nine inch nails

All of hell was let loose
But, the lamb endured –
He endured the cross
for wretched mankind.

Because agape love
is a mystery.

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pp (7) new About the Author  Ogaga Eruteya is a Nigerian Christian minister, writer and speaker. He writes on Faith, Personal Development, Youth Development, and Life Realities. With his words, he seeks to inspire, motivate, propagate life’s truths and represent a sincere Christian voice. Learn more about Ogaga here.


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